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USK-Ungermann Hauptsitz
Schöllinger Feld 16
58300 Wetter (DE)

European service network

USK does offer products and services ouside Germany using a network of authorized service partners.

All partners adept to the quality standards of USK and have received considerable training in planning and implementing USK technology.

We are proud that our powerfull partners show their ability and dedication in delivering sophisticated solutions to international customers.

Please select from the following partners:


for other countires please apply the international contact form.

Other countries

USK does offer products and services in other countries as well. As currently done for our customer in Canada, Greece and Spain we offer:

  • Turnkey, preconfigured systems delivered for instance in 20 feet containers.
  • Onsite installation and configuration
  • Worldwide remote control and configuration by the USK service center.
  • Education services and training to local service companies.

Depending on the customers needs USK offers solutions based on local subcontractors or export partners. Please feel free to send your request using the international contact form.

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